*happyhappyjoyjoy is a blog, a vision of a new eye-to-eye approach to marketing, and a 2-day workshop for less fake joy and more real attention.

  1. Medium is a great new blog platform - I will be using it for whenever there is something to say longer than 140 characters ;)
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  2. Read here my impressions from Next14 - I went there with high hopes, still inspired by last year´s edition, and left with mixed feelings, but big spendings with Amazon ;)
  3. about me:
Kai Platschke (​born 1974) has spent 9 years in traditional advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, JWT​ or Y&R as an account person. After a sabbatical, where he worked as a fitness coach in a hotel on the Maldives for a year, he started his career in digital, spending another 8 years in agencies like Razorfish, MRM or FullSIX and focussed more on strategic planning. Always having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, too, in the same time Kai opened two own agencies, a b-to-b online portal and a bar and has lived in Frankfurt, Paris and Berlin. Today Kai considers himself beyond the question of traditional or digital - with his consulting approach *happyhappyjoyjoy he helps companies to find relevance and sense in every euro spent.
Consulting references:
Neue Digitale: Establishing a business unit structure after period of extreme growth
Neue Digitale/Razorfish and Duke/Razorfish: Integration into international network organization
McCann Worldgroup: Management leadership trainings for the digital age
MRM Paris: Modeling of new strategy department, including analytics, channel planning, seo and research
Kraft Foods: Digital Management Trainings
FullSIX: Building the German operations
Mondelez: Universities Recruitment Strategy Germany
Mammut: Social media and content strategies, management and platforms, dealer relationships and marketing team structure
TLGG/Lufthansa: strategy and creative lead, representation in multi agency pool, redefining the integration of social media into traditional marketing department
Hochschule Pforzheim: teacher for integrated marketing
Agency references (chronological):
TBWA, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, FCB, Young & Rubicam, JWT, Armando Testa, Orange Hive, Neue Digitale, Razorfish, Duke, McCann Worldgroup, MRM, FullSIX, Saatchi&Saatchi, TLGG
Client references:
Fashion (adidas, Levi´s, Boss, Gucci, Mammut, Peek&Cloppenburg, Wrangler, SIX beeline)
Beauty (L´Oréal Paris, Coty: David Beckham Fragrances, Lady Gaga Fame and Cavalli, Max Factor, Schwarzkopf/Brillance
Media (Brigitte.de, Nickelodeon, Walt Disney World)
Automobile (FIAT, Seat, Opel, VW, Chrysler, Lancia, Daimler, Michelin, Pirelli, Kawasaki)
Technology (Microsoft, Samsung, Siemens Mobile Phone, Dymo)
FMCG (P&G, BDF, Henkel)
F&B (Coca Cola, Danone, Kraft Foods/ Mondelez, Nespresso, Lavazza)
Finance (Mastercard, Dresdner Bank, American Express, Comerzbank)
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getting in touch:
skype: “kaiplatschke”email: kai@platschke.detext/phone: +49(0)151-67 51 32 81office: +49(0)30-67 94 63 89adress: köpenicker str. 95, 10179 berlin
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  4. Thank you guys for this amazing event - I loved it. Thank you as well for your positive feedback on Twitter (@derkaip) and my Facebook page! 
I just tried to watch myself - couldn´t do it ;) But I would like to invite you to do so at this link - it´s the video of the SMW livestream
The deck you can find here on Slideshare.
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You see it everywhere, in all ad agencies and marketing departments, and I can’t help but feel that the most fundamental thing - the genuine care and attention for the people who we want to buy our products - is never addressed sufficiently. This is exactly what I am concentrating on! Devoid of high-level strategies, international restraints and internal politics, I take an in-depth look into the question: “What does a brand REALLY have to do to reach its people and develop a communally beneficial, eye-to-eye relationship with them?”
*happyhappyjoyjoy is a vision, a blog and a 2-day-workshop. 
*happyhappyjoyjoy is a new approach to more relevance in communication for less fake joy and more real attention (credentials)
… the starting point is a big missunderstanding
On November 8th, 2013, TrendOne — the trend agency in Hamburg — invited me to their “sample day”, a day where they invited companies to present their latest developments that could potentially become big trends. Please find here some inspirations of what I saw there.<
  8. STUDIE: DIGITAL RETAIL VISIONES MUSS NOCH VIEL PASSIEREN IM DT. EHim letzten Jahr habe ich zusammen mit der Agentur FullSIX und der Hochschule Pforzheim eine Untersuchung durchgeführt, um herauszufinden, warum die Digitalisierung des deutschen Einzelhandels so schleichend vorangeht - die Studie zeigt spannende strategische Einblicke, politische Gründe und eine neue Zukunft!
—> Studie—> Fragen
  9. I have developed this 2-day workshop to build the bridge between international top level brand strategy and concrete local relationship building activation ideas.
The core is around target group, playground and the role the brand wants to play in peoples´ lives:
Interested in doing this workshop with your brand? Write me an email: kai@platschke.de
A couple of days ago our new Facebook App for the outdoor brand Mammut went live: http://powderfreunde.mammut.me/sportschuster
It is the first execution of a brand communication and retailer relationship strategy that we worked on last year and uses Facebook with its social strengths and connects it in a clever way with existing retail channels.
Please find more info on the mindset behind the “NEW” Facebook Commerce approach in my blog: https://medium.com/p/a146dc7b2450
… or on Slideshare:

—-> Questions? kai@platschke.de
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